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In retrospect: 10 Years Anniversary in Thessaloniki, GREECE

Posted in Autoren / poets, Barbara Köhler, Stavros Zafeiriou by Heiko Strunk on 3. October 2009


During the year 2009 there have been several international events organised by the international partners of within the 10 Years Anniversary. Greece celebrated 10 years on May, 30 2009. See here fotos of the event. was presented at the German stand on the bookfair in Thessaloniki, in co-operation with the local Goethe-Institut.

Stavros Zafeiriou & Susan Bindermann

Susan Bindermann (e-poema, Greek Partner of and Vassilis Roubalis presented the poet Stavros Zafeiriou. Afterwards the publishers Periklis Douvitsas and Stavros Zafeiriou (Nefeli) presented a Greek edition of Barbara Köhler‘s poetry.


Stavros Zafeiriou on
Barbara Köhler on

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