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In retrospect: 10 Years Anniversary in Budapest, HUNGARY

Posted in about us by Heiko Strunk on 22. October 2009

During the year 2009 there have been several international events organised by the international partners of within the 10 Years Anniversary.

On the 15th of July, in association with the Goethe Institut in Budapest, our Hungarian Partner, Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum, announced a “German to Hungarian Poetry Translation Competition”, where everyone – not just professional translators – could take part.

All of the poems that were chosen to be translated into Hungarian were poems that appear on, and the translations were judged by a jury of poets.

On the 3rd October, a literary street party was held in Ráday Utca street, Budapest, where the Goethe Institut Hungary is located. There, the German poems, and their Hungarian translations, were presented, and the prize was awarded for the best translation.

The Hungarian translations are likely to be published on in the near future, or alternatively, if they appear on different website, a link will be provided.

Versjárat közlekedett az iFbe

Goethe-Institut Ungarn

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