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Posted in about us by Heiko Strunk on 1. June 2010

A selection of poems that can all be found on lyrikline is presented on this map which we made for all those who would like to get in the right mood for this year’s poesiefestival berlin focusing on the Mediterranean. It’s also for all of you who would like to be be in Berlin to see all the poets from this region but can not and generally it’s for everyone who is interested in Mediterranean poetry and is waiting for the summer to come.

We selected poems about the sea, especially the Mediterranean, portraits of cities in the region as well as poems that convey the atmosphere of this big and culturally and historically important region. The poems we selected were mainly written by poets from the riparian states of the Mediterranean but there are also some from other areas of the world who got inspired by the Mediterranean.

Karte Mittelmehr

Marokko, Fés Tunesien, Tunis Libanon, Sur Libanon, Beirut Türkei, Istanbul Griechenland, Athen Kroatien, Split Kroatien, Novalja Slowenien, Istrien Italien, Bozen Türkei, Datça, Muğla Türkei, Eskişehir Türkei, Gazioğlu / Tekirdağ Türkei, Istanbul Frankreich, Aigues-Mortes Syrien, Palmyra Italien, Genova Italien, La Spezia Italien, Napoli Spanien, Barcelona Spanien, Madrid Türkei, Istanbul Spanien, Katalonien, Gandia Spanien, Katalonien, Sant Feliu de Guíxols Egypten, Alexandria Tunesien, Karthago Italien, Venedig Israel, Jerusalem Italien, Mediterran Türkei, Istanbul

You can find 30 poems in various languages and translations on this map. We tried to be as precise as possible in placing the links to the poems. Still there might be some precise navigation needed in finding the right link.

Surrounding Istanbul in Turkey you will find 4 different poems by Israel Bar Kohav, Antoine Cassar, Tugrul Tanyol, and Manuel Forcano.

Enjoy this poetic tour along the Mediterranean coast, and don’t miss the new poets on from Malta, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Israel : Antoine Cassar, Patrizia Cavalli, Dionýsis Kapsális, Marko Pogačar and Asher Reich!

[This Mediterranean special on and the blog is brought to you by Rebecca Bartusch, Simon Gattner, Michael Mechner, Juliane Otto, and Heiko Strunk.]

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  1. ginster michel said, on 7. July 2010 at 06:58

    Hallo, today I received the facebook feed about Uruguay and Dutch
    ( poets. Again I missed the button on your website to search for poets per country. I can find poets names alphabetically and per language, however not per nationality. In some cases this would be really helpful. Would the sorting according to country be really that difficult since you do sort them already????
    Looking fwd to hearing from you.Regards, Ginster

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