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September 24th 2011 – A day of worldwide poetry

Posted in about us, Autoren / poets, our network partners, World Poetry Movement by Heiko Strunk on 24. September 2011

100,000 Poets for Change, a project aimed to promote serious social, environmental, and political change by a demonstration and celebration of poetry, initiated worldwide poetry action on September 24th. In 95 countries 700 events take place in 550 cities.

Both and 100,000 Poets for Change are part of the newly founded World Poetry Movement. This is why we join September 24th as a day of poetry around the globe. Heiko Strunk, project manager of, together with our Swedish partner Rámus, will present and a selection of great poetry short films on the Gothenburg Book Fair in Sweden. Poets Marie Silkeberg and Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl who both worked in poetry film, will be reading at the event.

Moreover, for September 24th 2011, we published 10 outstanding new poets from 9 countries around the world on

Amanda Aizpuriete from Latvia
Mary Jo Bang from the USA
Lucía Estrada from Colombia
Yael Globerman from Israel
Nâzim Hikmet from Turkey
Ben Lerner from the USA
Sainkho Namtchylak from Tuva
Silvio Rodríguez from Cuba
Tone Škrjanec from Slovenia
Abdouldaim Ukwas from Libya

Enjoy reading and listening and watch out for events in your city today!

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