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Road works ahead!

Posted in about us, Relaunch by lyrikline on 21. November 2012

Great news, breaking news, so to say: We’re on the way towards a new website!

Finally, you might say. And so do we!

For several years we tried to get funding for a website relaunch. Thanks to the Berlin Lottery Foundation we can finally do it!

In the past weeks and months we learned a lot about public procurement law, a thing with lots of rules about how to call for tenders when public money is involved. Probably because this is a German law, it’s very complex and made a colleague wonder, if we can’t just give the money back…

But here we go. The long process of public tendering is over, we jumped the first hurdle. We got nearly 20 bids by companies from all over Germany and abroad. So many of them really made up their minds and sent interesting bids. Many thanks to all of them. Now that we made our choice, we had a first meeting with the people who’ll build our new website and another exciting phase of the project starts. After we spent quite some time working on concepts and structure and developing ideas for a new version of we are now looking forward to bring them to life.

We’ll keep you posted on how it goes on.


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