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Advent Calendar – 24

Posted in Autoren / poets, Michael Palmer by lyrikline on 24. December 2012
Michael Palmer, photo: Chris Felver

Michael Palmer, photo: Chris Felver

Harvard Review regards him as “one of America’s most important poets”. He received, among other honours, the Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets and has published over a dozen books of poetry since the 1960s.

Door no. 24, the last window of our Advent Calendar with 24 new poets on, reveals the US poet

Michael Palmer

(with translations into German)

Born in Manhattan, New York in 1943, Michael Palmer moved to San Francisco in 1969, where he still lives today. He is a multi-faceted writer, editor and translator from French, Russian and Portuguese, who has made a name for himself in cross-genre music and theatre projects. He frequently collaborates with musicians and performers; from 1974 he was involved in more than twelve dance theatre projects with Margaret Jenkins. But he has also collaborated with fine artists, including Gerhard Richter.

With these 24 poets’ voices, we say goodbye for this year. Happy Christmas and a Good New Year to all followers and friends of poetry, to all our partners, the poets and the translators, who make the project work.

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Advent Calendar – 23

Posted in Autoren / poets, Olga Martynova by lyrikline on 23. December 2012
Olga Martynova

Olga Martynova

New poetry from cold regions. Today’s poet was born 300 km north of the Arctic Circle in the north-eastern part of the West Siberian Plain. She grew up in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) and moved to Germany in 1991. She writes poetry in Russian and prose in German and is an essayist in both languages. Behind the 23rd Advent Calendar window you’ll find the poetry of

Olga Martynova

(with translations into German and Swedish)

Born in 1962 in Dudinka, Russia, Olga Martynova studied Russian language and literature and works as a writer, critic and translator. For her German text Ich werde sagen: „Hi!“ she won the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann prize in Klagenfurt, Austria. She writes for magazines and newspapers like “Die Zeit” and “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and lives in Frankfurt am Main together with her husband, the Russian poet, novelist and playwright Oleg Yuriev.

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Advent Calendar – 22

Posted in Autoren / poets, Hama Tuma by lyrikline on 22. December 2012
Hama Tuma, photo:

Hama Tuma, photo:

Our latest poet on has been active in the struggle for democracy and human rights in Africa since the 1960s. He studied Law in Addis Ababa and was expelled in his final year for demonstrating against the regime of Emperor Haile Selassie. He is a founding member of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party and has been banned from the country by three different Ethiopian governments for his commitment to human rights. He left Ethiopia in 1969 to pursue a life of political activism and lives in Paris today.

Advent Calendar door no. 22 reveals the Ethiopian poet

Hama Tuma

(with poems in Amharic and in English)

Born in 1949 in Addis Ababa, Hama Tuma is one of Ethiopia’s greatest satirists. He writes poetry in Amharic and English and published many political and satirical articles and stories.

Amharic is a new language on You can now listen to poetry in 58 different languages, read by the poets themselves.

Advent Calendar – 21

Posted in Abdelwahab Meddeb, Autoren / poets by lyrikline on 21. December 2012
Abdelwahab Meddeb, photo: Benjamin Loyseau

Abdelwahab Meddeb, photo: Benjamin Loyseau

Today’s poet is one of the most prominent French writers of Arab origin. In his work, he deals primarily with the roots and history of Islam, its literatures, its culture and the problems involved in integrating Muslim traditions into the process of the modern age. He constantly criticises anti-democratic tendencies in Islam as well as Western perspectives that polarise and over-simplify. Only last Sunday, in an article for Le Monde, he called on moderate Muslims to liberate Islam from Islamism.

Advent Calendar door no. 21 reveals the poetry of Tunisian poet

Abdelwahab Meddeb

(with translations into German)

Born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1946, Abdelwahab Meddeb comes from a family of theologians and scriptural scholars. Poetry, novels, essays and academic texts go hand-in-hand in his oeuvre. His poems stride through a swathe of image worlds taking in the landscapes of Tunisia as well as the traditions of Eastern and Western literature and philosophical discussions. Motifs and traditions are called up, blurred and transformed in long movements of text. Today he lives in Paris and works as a writer and journalist.

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Advent Calendar – 20

Posted in Autoren / poets, Maarja Kangro by lyrikline on 20. December 2012
Maarja Kangro     ©Lilian Merila

Maarja Kangro ©Lilian Merila

Born into a family of writers and composers 39 years ago today, she is a versatile artist, writing poetry, short stories, childrens books, literary criticism, essays, opera librettos and texts for cantatas. She translates fiction and philosophy from English, German and Italian (e.g. Giorgio Agamben, Umberto Eco) and has translated poetry by more than 100 poets (e.g. Giacomo Leopardi, Philip Larkin, Bertolt Brecht, Hans Magnus Enzensberger).

Advent Calendar door no. 20 reveals the Estonian poet

Maarja Kangro

(with translations into English, Finnish, German, Italian, Russian and Slovenian)

Maarja Kangro was born in Tallinn, Estonia, on December 20, 1973. She has published four collections of poetry and is currently a PhD student in cultural theory at Tallinn University.

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks. Happy birthday, Maarja!

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Advent Calendar – 19

Posted in Autoren / poets, Mati Shemoelof by lyrikline on 19. December 2012
Mati Shemoelof,

Mati Shemoelof,

Our latest poet is not only a writer but a scientist and an activist. Much of his literary work and activism deals with issues of ethnicity and class among Mizrahi Jews in Israel and with the Arab-Israeli conflict. In his poem ‘Why don’t I write Israeli Love Songs’ he says

I want compensation from the National Bank of Israel
For the Palestinians, the Mizrachim, the Women, the Gays and the Lesbians
For every comment, transit-camp, closed military zone
Disappearance, disfigurement.
Only then will I be willing to write Israeli love songs.

Advent Calendar door number 19 reveals the Israeli poet

Mati Shemoelof

(with translations into Arabic, English and German)

Born in 1972 in Haifa, Mati Shemoelof works as a poet, editor, journalist and teacher. He is a lecturer of Israeli culture at Minshar College in Tel Aviv. Shemoelof co-edited an anthology of works against the war in Gaza, and published several books of poetry and short stories.

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Advent Calendar – 18

Posted in Autoren / poets, Kateryna Babkina by lyrikline on 18. December 2012
Kateryna Babkina

Kateryna Babkina

This is personal poetry, rhythmical and rhymed, no lifeless texts but explicit poems full of humour, bitterness, sorrow, and tenderness. The latest voice behind Advent Calendar door number 18 is the young Ukrainian poet

Kateryna Babkina

(with translations into German, Polish and Swedish)

Born in 1985 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, Kateryna Babkina writes poetry, scripts and theatre plays. She works as an independent journalist and wrote columns for Le Monde and Focus magazine. She is also co-author of VIDEOPOETRY/VIDEOPROSE project and director of videos to her own poetry and prose, as well as to modern Ukrainian and European authors’ texts.

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Advent Calendar – 17

Posted in Autoren / poets, Fatima Naoot by lyrikline on 17. December 2012
Fatima Naoot

Fatima Naoot

Today’s Advent Calender door reminds once again that December is not necessarily a peaceful time in every region of the world. We go to Egypt, where our latest poet lives. She has chosen poetry as a form of expression to shake people up. Her poems speak of mutual respect regardless of origin, belief or religion. She pays attention to minorities in Egypt like Copts and women and follows with curiosity the social and political changes taking place in her country.

The poet behind calendar door number 17 is

Fatima Naoot

(with translations into German)

Fatima Naoot was born in 1964 in Cairo, Egypt. She studied architecture and worked in her field for ten years before she left her job deciding to devote all her time to literature. Today she works as a poet, translator, journalist and TV presenter. Fatima Naoot is considered one of the most remakable voices in Arabic poetry.

Cover of Fatima Naoot's latest poetry book, drawn by her son Omar

Cover of Fatima Naoot’s latest poetry book, drawn by her son Omar

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Advent Calendar – 16

Posted in Autoren / poets, Ricardo Aleixo by lyrikline on 16. December 2012
Ricardo Aleixo, photo: Mariana Botelho

Ricardo Aleixo, photo: Mariana Botelho

Our latest poet is truly multi-talented. He works as a poet, essayist, editor, visual artist, sound designer, singer, composer and performer and co-founded and curates the Festival de Arte Negra, the major art and culture festival of the African Diaspora in Brazil.

The poet behind Advent Calendar door 16 is

Ricardo Aleixo

(with translations into German)

who was born in 1960 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His poetry shows a concern with formal research and multi-media experimentation and approaches the Concrete Poetry of Augusto de Campos.

Ricardo Aleixo also writes a blog at

Advent Calendar – 15

Posted in Autoren / poets, Volha Hapeyeva by lyrikline on 15. December 2012
Volha Hapeyeva

Volha Hapeyeva, photo: Taras Pashchanka

One would assume that an author from Belarus writing in Belarusian is the most normal thing. But the majority of people in Belarus speak Russian, not Belarusian, and it’s the Russian literature of Belarus that is supported by the official bodies while authors writing in Belarusian are strongly disadvantaged. Therefore they seek to strengthen cooperation with other countries in order to spread their literature. The more glad we are to present a new Belarusian poet on

Behind Advent Calendar door number 15 you’ll find the poetry of

Volha Hapeyeva

(with translations into German and Russian)

Volha Hapeyeva was born in 1982 in Minsk. She is a poet and translates German literature into Belarusian. She studied Linguistics and Gender Studies and works at the University of Minsk where she researches on bodily self-mutilation and self-modification, and is also interested in the gender problem in culture and literature.