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Advent Calendar – 7

Posted in Autoren / poets, Jessie Kleemann by lyrikline on 7. December 2012
Jessie Kleemann

Jessie Kleemann

Far north we go, to Greenland, where poetry has a long oral tradition of performance. In old times, poetry was even used to settle disputes at large gatherings. Two opponents would sing satirical songs in front of a large audience who passed judgement, expressing their sympathy with delighted cheers or laughter and their diapproval with hoots.* But modern poetry has made its way and behind the 7th door of the Advent Calendar you’ll find the first poems in Greenlandic on by

Jessie Kleemann

(with translations into Danish, English, German and Spanish)

Jessie Kleemann was born in Upernavik, Greenland in 1959. In her poems, traditional Eskimo motifs meet the globalised present. Mystical natural images collide with real social problems, sea mothers with Brigitte Bardot, dog sleds with 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles. Her poetry, written in Greenlandic and Danish, searches for heritage and identity in the broken linguistic material of the post-modern, creating texts in which the beautiful and the ugly do not exclude each other.

(* Article about Greenlandic Literature)

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  1. johncoyote said, on 10. December 2012 at 23:58

    Hard to keep poetry and story alive. I try here in Michigan. Few have the desire to discuss literature and poetry. The internet allowed us to connect with the world. Need more writers. Would be a better world if we understood each other. I hope poetry come alive and strong on the advent calendar.

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