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Advent Calendar – 14

Posted in Autoren / poets, Ponç Pons by lyrikline on 14. December 2012
Ponç Pons

Ponç Pons

We continue with our calendar and turn to the vivid Catalan poetry scene. The latest poet on experiences literature as an obsessive, lucid and consuming passion. He defines his poetry as classical in its rhythm, modern in its expression and forceful in its content.

Advent Calendar door 14 reveals the Catalan poet

Ponç Pons

(with translations into Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish)

Ponç Pons was born in 1956 on the Balearic Islands in Alayor, Minorca. He uses a literary language that, while cultured in its register, also reflects the present-day use of Menorquí (Minorcan), a variety of Catalan. Next to writing, he works as a teacher on the island of Minorca.

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