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The place where I write: Erín Mouré [Canada]

Posted in Autoren / poets, Erín Moure by Heiko Strunk on 14. March 2013

photo: Erín Moure

I travel a lot and write poetry anywhere I can set my laptop or my notebook, but my favourite place of poetry is at home in Montreal. My desk is simple, just an old door and two filing cabinets. It’s cluttered with thoughts and papers, but that never bothers me as there’s so much light beaming in the window, and the ceilings are high. My dictionaries and books and papers are here. It’s much quieter than elsewhere. Sometimes when I return from a trip, I don’t tell anyone I’m back, and I can write for a few days, living fully in words and the echoes of words, as if home were the most remote place on earth, as well as the most central.

Erín Moure, Montreal/Canada

Erín Moure on lyrikline

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