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The place where I write: Luke Davies [Australia]

Posted in Autoren / poets, Luke Davies by lyrikline on 15. March 2013
photo: Luke Davies

photo: Luke Davies

I have a house-mate who keeps his room but is out of LA for most of the year. Sometimes I use the desk there, just for variety, or a change of mood or scenery. You can see the palm trees out the window in this photo – a very LA sight. Also in summer, when the days get very hot, it’s cooler on that side of the house in the afternoons. The desk is made of steel, and there’s nothing on it at all; I carry in there whatever I need for that day’s work.

photo: Luke Davies

photo: Luke Davies

The more cluttered desk is the one I mostly use. It’s actually also in my bedroom. So obviously I spend a lot of time in the bedroom! But it’s a big room, with great light and air-flow, and outside one of the windows there’s a nice tree which hummingbirds flit in and out of all day long.

                                                                                             Luke Davies, Los Angeles/USA

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