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The place where I write: Yan Jun [China]

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一月  我吃书

二月  世界像切开的洋葱

没有时间了  我打开电脑



photo by Jiantao

photo by Jiantao

February 20th

January— I eat books
swimming at the beaches

February— the world opens like a cut onion
and the cleaning guy heads home for the New Year
The Arctic freezes in ocean ice

Time is running out. I turn on the computer
to decipher a word: out

Downstairs buses run by
A Crow opens its black wallet



Poem about his “working room” by YAN Jun
Translated from Chinese into English by Mindy Zhang
Photo by Jiantao

i moved to this flat with my wife in 2007.
we have removed some walls to make the kitchen, living room and one bedroom open as one continual space. this corner on the photo is my working space. surrounded by books and cds as everywhere in the flat.
computer. sound card and monitor speakers. telephone. hand write notes. spice smell from kitchen some times.

                                                         Yan Jun, Peking/China

Yan Jun on lyrikline

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