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The place where I write: Amanda Stewart [Australia]

Posted in Amanda Stewart, Autoren / poets by lyrikline on 19. March 2013
photo: Amanda Stewart

photo: Amanda Stewart

My studio is an unstable, expanding and contracting space that completely alters its shape depending on the stage and nature of a poem. Sometimes the entire room becomes an architecture of notes, drafts, folders, CDs and piles of books – a vertical chaos, perfectly ordered through the process of making. In the latter stages of a poem, the pages and books progressively disappear and my computer’s various text and sound software programmes become the primary places of writing. This ‘place of poetry’ embraces multiple spaces of change, renewal and abandonment. And for me, as for many writers, the first moment of the next poem can start anywhere – poiesis is omnipresent and the place we write is everywhere.

                                                                      Amanda Stewart, Sydney/Australia

Amanda Stewart on lyrikline

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