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Crowdfunding for a poetry & photo exhibition

Posted in Autoren / poets, Paata Shamugia by lyrikline on 22. May 2013

Dear friends,

the Berlin poetry festival has started a crowdfunding campaign for a photo project that includes 47 poets from 47 European countries with a number of ‘lyrikline poets’ among them, like Laurynas Katkus, Sabine Scho, Nikola Madzirov, Svetlana Cârstean, Tsead Bruinja and many more. Here you see the contribution by Georgian poet Paata Shamugia:

Paata Shamugia’s slogan: “Poetry makes stoned”
Douze points pour la Géorgie!


With these great photos from all over Europe the poets give their own answers to the provocative question “What’s the point of poetry?”. If you too think that this initiative deserves support then visit to donate and spread the word. This project is designed to become a travelling exhibition so it might soon be touring in your country too.

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