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Open Call for Messages from Space – Send us your Poems

Posted in Open Call, Users by lyrikline on 27. August 2013

c-baseHello out there,

Okay, so maybe the September 1st lyrikline relaunch isn’t quite the same as the discovery of a new solar system (even though there is so much to be explored on the new site). Either way, we’d like to send out an open call to all users, followers, poetry fans, and writers for their twitter length “tiny poems” on the topic “space” for our web relaunch on Sunday. Your poems will be published on the lyrikline blog and we will ask the poets reading at the event on Sunday to select and read their favourites. The relaunch event starts on September 1st at 7pm (UTC+2) and can be watched via live stream on the lyrikline website.

The poems shouldn’t exceed 140 characters and can be posted from now on until Sunday 7:30pm (UTC+2) via twitter (addressed @lyrikline or by using the hashtag #spacepoem), by sending a message to our Facebook fanpage or by commenting on this blog post. They should be written in English or German, since these are the main languages of the event.

Why ‘Space Poems’?

The relaunch event on Sunday takes place at a very special venue in Berlin: the c-base space station beneath Berlin-Mitte. We’d like to bring the users and the venue together by collecting ‘space poems,’ as is apropos of the event location. We’d be happy if many of you contributed poems for the celebration. Here’s a bit more about the ‘legendary’ c-base…

According to a myth there are remnants of a space station called c-base underneath Berlin’s city centre. This space station allegedly crashed due to unstable conditions in its orbit after exiting a time warp. The space station’s antenna is the Fernsehturm, the TV tower in Berlin. A multifunctional space station module, which ejected during the crash, is now under intense research and serves as the current premises of the c-base association.

Myths and legends aside, c-base is an association whose main aims are to promote skills and knowledge of computers and data networks. It was one of the first hackerspaces in the world. We would like to thank the members and the circle of the c-base for hosting the lyrikline relaunch event and for their support.

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  1. Lydia said, on 30. August 2013 at 16:43

    „Au“- schrie es in meinem Kopf. Eine reflexive Reaktion auf das zwickende Zwerchfell?
    Ein Zwitschern des Augenliedes und katarrhhh klingt es rumorvoll langsam aus.

  2. Lydia said, on 30. August 2013 at 16:57

    Er hatte einen traumhaften Schaum. Auf der Etikette stand „selbstaussäend“, doch das las er nicht, sondern setzte sich und dekorierte den Rest mit Passionsflüchten.

  3. Karen Margolis said, on 30. August 2013 at 17:23

    Killer lyrics

    don’t let me guess what you want
    give me or go play somewhere else
    in the digital void it’s too dark to see

    underground in me is a deep mine
    laid by the Furies.
    They got tired of people robbing
    my precious ores.

    If I keep on following
    this vein of thought
    (too late to replace the years
    too bored for revenge)
    I’ll end up like those aging rock ’n folk heroes
    writing songs of disillusion
    spiked with passive aggression

    You know, the brittle lyrics that skate
    coolly along the surface
    endorsing the chosen path of the past
    (Don’t look back.) Then crack
    to reveal the anger in the last line
    with a parting shot. Bang! bang! —
    I wrote you off. All of you.

    © Karen Margolis
    Berlin, August 2013

  4. Geoffrey A. Landis said, on 30. August 2013 at 23:18

    At one gee
    an event horizon forms
    one light year
    behind my ship:
    no news from home
    as long as my engine holds out.

    (from Microcosms, 5/2011)

  5. kirstyelliot said, on 31. August 2013 at 18:39

    Blend in

    What would I wear into space?
    My black dress with the tiny silver beads.
    Not the one with swirls of blue and green
    soft lonely longing.

  6. Matthias Dietrich said, on 1. September 2013 at 01:05

    wir bewegen uns durch welten
    nehmen uns her
    aus plätzen
    geträumtes dunkel
    und bringen uns ein
    räumen die welt aus den räumen

  7. Daiga Mežaka said, on 1. September 2013 at 12:05

    words are vinds which blow roofs

  8. Therese Pace said, on 3. September 2013 at 13:52


    A ship at sail…
    -does it ever think
    the waters may abscond?
    Or that the mast
    is a woodworm’s nest?–
    The bow divides the waves
    trusting its strength
    and is a god in motion.

  9. Space Poems | blog said, on 5. September 2013 at 13:54

    […] week, in the run up to our website relaunch and the live event, we started an open call and asked for your short ’Space Poems’. The call is closed now and we would like to […]

  10. Lily said, on 25. February 2014 at 18:49

    It goes without saying that you did a fine work on this post. I will look out for more and view your future posts.

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