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Poetry and Performance – Overview

Posted in Uncategorized by lyrikline on 24. March 2016

poetry and p

The celebration of World Poetry Day is over – but the playlists and the postings about Poetry and Performance are still online. This is an overview of all interviews, videos and texts.


(1) Approaching UNESCO World Poetry Day

Essay about  performance and expectations towards a performative event

lyrikline playlist live performances

(2) Reading and Recording

Video of a recording session and a reading by Carolin Callies [German with English summary]

lyrikline playlist studio hightlights

(3) No performance without an audience

Interview with scientist and poet Anja Utler about the reception of spoken poetry

lyrikline playlist talking to the audience

(4) Presenting a poem in different ways

Interview with Gerhard Falkner about artistic cooperation [German video with English summary]

lyrikline playlist music performances

(5) Voices in action

Videos of three artists in the field of spoken word, rap and slam poetry

lyrikline playlist spoken word performer

(6) Sound out loud!

Interview with Pierre Guéry, Eirikur Örn Norddahl and Jaap Blonk about their performative experiences

lyrikline playlist sound poetry

(7) World Poetry Day

Celebration of World Poetry Day with performances of Kurt Schwitters, Jaap Blonk and Anat Pick

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