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Interviews on “poetry & refugees” – 2 – Diana Vallejo

Posted in Autoren / poets, Diana Vallejo by lyrikline on 21. March 2015

Diana Vallejo was born in Honduras in 1969. She moved to Europe.

Lyrikline Blog (LB): In your view, is it the task of a poet also to be a chronicler or witness of his/her time?

Diana Vallejo (DV): The poetry itself is a result of what you think, your reflections, your deep beliefs and fears, what you feel, those desires or hopes that we have. In certain social conditions this deep view of our humanity will have a certain line and shape, a map of what we are living or knowing about our surroundings, even the geography will be an influence in that poem. For me the written poem is the last result of our vulnerability like a human being. In my case it is not a task, but it is inevitable that I show or tell that special place or chronicle that lives through me again, so the action of publishing a poem in the paper converts me to some kind of witness of any field. For example I can say that I witness a person, or a bird or a country, the space, or the life, so yes it can be a task, but is not an obligation, you decide that. To write or not to write is very similar to … to be or not to be.

LB: What impact on society or politics can a poem have? Do oppressive regimes have to fear poetry?

DV: Fear? I don’t think so, because they don’t care about human life and they really don’t understand the content of humanity. But shame, yes, they feel shame, (more…)