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The place where I write: Edwin Torres [USA]

Posted in Autoren / poets, Edwin Torres by lyrikline on 26. March 2013
photo: Edwin Torres

photo: Edwin Torres

I am currently living upstate, away from the city. I’ve been here for 4 years with my wife and boy after living in New York City my entire life. I commute almost everyday to my job and have found that my writing happens in between the places I land in. I am in a transition before and after I land, the kitchen table and the morning train are where I take my laptop. The city and the world have become my place to write. I used to have a more centered place, a desk and chair, when I lived in the city and didn’t have such a long commute. Now that it takes me awhile to get anywhere, my writing is sort of searching to find a place for me. My writing is telling me it’s okay to write wherever I can…like a constant companion, a nuisance, a lover, a muse. I am reminded of my transition every time I sit at my place of poetry, because that place has become the transition itself.

                                      Edwin Torres, USA

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