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Interviews on “poetry & refugees” – 5 – Ghayath Almadhoun

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Ghayath Almadhoun was born in Syria in 1979 and is a resident of Sweden today. 



Lyrikline Blog (LB): Where do you come from and why did you leave your country of origin?

Ghayath Almadhoun (GA): I came from Damascus, Syria, I was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, my family was expelled from Ashkelon to Gaza by the Israeli army in 1948, and again expelled from Gaza in 1967. In 2008 I was invited to read my poetry in Stockholm, and I sought asylum. Why? Look what is happening in Syria and you will know what kind of dictatorships I fled from.

LB: In your view, is it the task of a poet also to be a chronicler or witness of his/her time?

GA: I do not think we should overload poetry , at the same time poetry should not be isolated from the poet.

LB: What impact on society or politics can a poem have? Do oppressive regimes have to fear poetry?

GA: Poetry will not change politics and society, poetry can change people, who are in turn changing politics and Society.

LB: In your view, is there a relation between the power of the words of a poet and that of a dictator, since they both work language?

GA: Language is a means used by everyone, Hitler spoke German, (more…)

reaching lyrikline poet no. 1000

So, people, we’re heading towards the next lyrikline milestone, so to say, reaching poet no. 1000 on lyrikline quite soon. Yesterday it was only 10 poets more to go, but with yesterday’s uploaded poet Nicholas Behr only nine poets are left.

Of course, we want to celebrate the occasion of the 1000th poet and will therefore organize a »Listen to the poet!« reading on October 18, 2014 which will take place at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Berlin. *
We will bring on stage poets who already have their poetry on Lyrikline (and one who will have quite soon) and whose poems have been the basis for a poetry film shown at the festival. These poets will participate in the event:
Ghayath Almadhoun (Sweden/Palestine)
Simon Barraclough (UK)
Paul Bogaert (Belgium)
Jazra Khaleed (Greece)
Gabriele Labanauskaite (Lithuania)
Øyvind Rimbereid (Norway)
Ulrike Almut Sandig (Germany)

Per Bergström, our Swedish Lyrikline partner will moderate the evening.
* venue: Babylon, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin,


And don’t worry, for the time after we have many great poets for you in the pipeline.

The place where I write: Ghayath Almadhoun [Palestine]

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My room,
my chamber,
my compartment,
my cell,

a prison woven from freedom.


photo: Ghayath Almadhoun

photo: Ghayath Almadhoun

Ghayath Almadhoun, Stockholm/Sweden

Ghayath Almadhoun on lyrikline