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Gute Aussichten fürs nächste Jahr!

Posted in about us, Andre Rudolph, Elke Erb, Jan Wagner, Ror Wolf by lyrikline on 19. December 2014

Was war denn heute nur los?

Ror Wolf bekommt von der Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig den Günter-Eich-Preis 2015 zugesprochen, Elke Erb den Anke Bennholdt-Thomsen-Preis für Lyrik 2015 der Deutschen Schillerstiftung, Jan Wagner wird mit dem Mörike-Preis 2015 der Stadt Fellbach ausgezeichnet und vergibt sodann den Förderpreis des Mörike-Preises an Andre Rudolph.

Nehmen wir dies mal als ein Versprechen auf ein kommendes gutes Jahr für die Poesie.

In diesem Sinne wünscht auch das lyrikline Team all seinen Besuchern schöne und erholsame Feiertage, einen guten Rutsch und uns allen großartige Erfolge im kommenden Jahr!

Bevor das alte aber zu Ende geht, werfen wir noch einen Blick nach Tschechien und schießen wir am 31.12 noch zwei australische Raketen ins Netz.

Wishing you all a beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of good health, happiness and good poetry!

And remember not to forget: Listen to the poet!



Looking back on the relaunch day – a summary

We had been eagerly awaiting the “relaunch day” for months. As of 1 September, the new lyrikline is up and running!

Many people helped to bring the new site into life and many people came to celebrate with us and followed the relaunch event at c-base in Berlin or online via live stream. For all who couldn’t be there or want to relive the event here’s a little summary.

Ready? Go!

What ingredients does an event need that celebrates the new lyrikline? Next to having a look into what is new, there should be the elements that make lyrikline the living project that it is – poets, users, national partners, voices, languages, poems and translations. We tried to add a bit of it all and stir well…

The event was opened by our two charming presenters, Joel Scott of Australian partner organisation The Red Room Company and Per Bergström who is the Swedish partner with Rámus förlag. Many other local lyrikline partners
sent their video greetings or organised relaunch happenings in their countries


Heiko Strunk speaking about the new website (© gezett)

Heiko Strunk, who managed the project right from its start in 1999 and masterminded the website relaunch, gave us a showcase tour of the site and introduced all the new features.

So, what’s new?

To mention all the new things in detail would extend poetry length by bar. Best go and have a look! But here are some of the essentials…

Navigation languages:

Next to the five existing languages to navigate the site which were Arabic, English, French, German, and Slovenian there are four new languages: Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Start page:

The new site opens new ways to access the content of lyrikline so the users don’t get lost amidst the 900 poets, 8,000 poems, 11,000 translations or 60 languages of poetry. Next to thematic teasers, the start page offers a radio like theme stream, recommends poems or poets to discover and informs about new content. From the main menu you can now select poets not only from A-Z or by languages but also by countries and you can browse the site by poems also, e.g. many poems can be found by categories like humorous poetry or issues like alcohol & drugs and many more everyday life topics.

Search & Community:

Have a look at the new design of the poem page, lean back on your couch after you selected „listen to all poems“ by your favourite poet or find the needle in the hay by using the new search and its dozen refinement options. Moreover, you can remember content, create your own lists or explore what other users like by becoming a member of the community.

Whatever access point you start from to explore poetry on lyrikline you’ll be able to find all the six poets who performed at the relaunch event on stage in Berlin, be it Finnish poet Helena Sinervo or Norwegian Simen Hagerup, who were both published on the site during the live event, Els Moors from Belgium, Pedro Sena-Lino from Portugal or the German poets Steffen Popp and Jan Wagner. Since the latter is the most translated poet on lyrikline his poem champignons was read on stage in the languages of all the present poets.

Can you hear me?


google hangouts session: Andrej Hocevar waiting in Ljubljana

To give the lyrikline users the chance to follow the event via online streaming was a main aim since lyrikline is a web project and its main audience is sitting at a computer and not in front of a stage. Another idea was to establish live video connections to our partners and to poets in Nigeria, Russia and Slovenia during the event. In the end this did not go as well as we hoped and not nearly as well as it did when we ‘practised’ two weeks before, meeting in our first google hangouts session to check if we can all hear and see each other. At least we could hear Russian poet Linor Goralik read a poem in Moscow that night, but due to technical problems, the session sadly hardly worked and there was a lot of desperate asking „Can you hear me?“  This photo of a waiting Andrej Hocevar in Slovenia portraits the unlucky attempt. The more we’d like to thank the patient poets Linor Goralik in Russia and Benson Eluma in Nigeria and the partners Andrej Hocevar, Dmitry Kuzmin and Remi Raji who put a lot of time and effort in this. It’s a shame it did not really properly.

Messages from Space

Other connections to the outer world were more successful. It was fun to read what Julià Florit and Thomas Andersson, the partners from Catalonia and Sweden wrote while they took over our lyrikline facebook and twitter accounts to post some impressions of the event. The two of them and poet Els Moors also formed the jury that selected their favourite „space poems“ which were sent for the relaunch by users answering an open call. The space topic was inspired by the event venue, the c-base „space station“ in Berlin which is an association of IT activists and their headquarter was a great place for the lyrikline relaunch event.

literaturWERKstatt berlin

Left: the two presenters Joel and Per, right: Julià and Thomas connecting to the outer world (© gezett)

We’re happy that with the relaunch, this new era of lyrikline has finally started. It’ll certainly take a good while before all the little bugs left on the new site will be found and fixed. Continuously, more and more poems will be sorted into the categories, more new poets will be published and ideas for new start page teasers will have to be found. It is, as it was, work in progress so stay tuned and visit the new site every now and then.

Thank you all for coming to the relaunch event, for watching it online or for following the whereabouts of lyrikline!

Celebrate the new site with us – Relaunch Event on 1 Sept!

photo construction side

Dear friends of lyrikline,

be there on Sunday, 1 Sept at 7pm (CEST) when the new lyrikline will be going online! We cordially invite you to celebrate with us and watch the event live stream on Heiko Strunk, the lyrikline project manager, will give us a tour of the relaunched website and all its new features and functions, we will link to partners in Nigeria, Russia and Slovenia via video, publish many new poets on the site and we will have six great lyrikline poets on stage, two of them to be published on the relaunch day:

Simen Hagerup (Norway),  Els Moors (Belgium), Steffen Popp (Germany), Pedro Sena-Lino (Portugal), Helena Sinervo (Finland) and Jan Wagner (Berlin). The lyrikline network partners Joel Scott (Australia) and Per Bergström (Sweden) will present the event.

You are invited not only to watch the event but to comment on facebook, on twitter (seems #llrelaunch is a suitable hashtag) and hopefully (still working on making this possible) also chat with us and some of the poets of the event.
The event physically takes place at ‘c-base – ›Raumstation unter Berlin Mitte‹ (Space station beneath Berlin-Mitte)’, a friendly place for IT and open source people, who kindly took us in. The languages of the event will be English and German mainly, but we’ll hear a bit of Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian and Finnish too.

See you on Sunday!

We’re excited…

The relaunch of the website has been made possible by a grant from the German Lottery Foundation, Berlin.
The event is taking place with the kind support of: c-base, Institut Ramon Llull, Royal Norwegian Embassy Berlin, Rámus Förlag, Malmö and the Swedish Embassy

Ausschreibung: Jahrbuch der Lyrik

Posted in Jan Wagner by Heiko Strunk on 28. December 2011

das folgende Jahrbuch der Lyrik ist das 29ste und wird (nun im Zwei-Jahres-Rhythmus) zur Leipziger Messe 2013 erscheinen. Mitherausgeber ist diesmal Jan Wagner, Lyriker, Herausgeber, Übersetzer und den Lesern des Lyrikjahrbuchs als Beiträger bestens bekannt.
Jan Wagner und Christoph Buchwald laden Dich/Sie herzlich ein, zum neuen Jahrbuch mit unveröffentlichten oder in Zeitschriften oder Zeitungen veröffentlichten Gedichten beizutragen.
Einsendeschluss ist der 2. April 2012.
Maximal zehn Gedichte sind an folgende email-Adresse zu mailen:
Bei der Einsendung sind unbedingt folgende Modalitäten zu beachten:
1)    Einsendungen bitte in einem word-doc oder pdf
2)    Über jedem neuen Gedicht unbedingt den Name vermerken: erst den Autornamen, dann den Gedichttitel.
3)    Für die Biobibliographie erbitten wir, in einem gesonderten Dokument, folgende Angaben: Name, Geburtsjahr, Wohnort, sowie gegebenenfalls die beiden letzten lieferbaren Gedichtbände [Titel, Erscheinungsort, Verlag, Erscheinungsjahr].
4)    Jede Einsendung hat also idealiter zwei Attachments: a) ein doc. mit den Gedichten, und b) ein doc. mit den biobibliographischen Angaben.

Die Herausgeber bitten um Verständnis dafür, dass Einsendungen auf Papier nicht mehr berücksichtigt werden können (der Bearbeitungs- und Kopieraufwand ist zu groß).
Anstelle eines – symbolischen – Honorars werden zwei Belegexemplare bei Abdruck eines oder mehrerer Gedichte angeboten.

Zudem heißt es in der Ausschreibung:
Wir möchten Dich/Sie auch diesmal wieder einladen, mit poetologischen Bemerkungen oder essayistischen Betrachtungen zum Stand der lyrischen Dinge zu den Nachbemerkungen des Jahrbuchs beizutragen.
Und mit Verve möchten wir Dich/Sie ermuntern, auch andere mögliche Beiträger auf das Jahrbuch aufmerksam zu machen. Im letzten Jahrbuch hat das gut funktioniert, es sind wieder auffallend viele junge Autoren und neue Namen vertreten. wünscht allen Beteiligten Viel Erfolg!

christmas in huntsville, texas

Posted in Jan Wagner by Heiko Strunk on 21. December 2010

This film, directed by Emanuella Amichai (Israel), is based on the poem “weihnachten in huntsville, texas” by Jan Wagner (Germany). It is a result of the Film-Workshop held during the 5th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival,  Berlin, October 2010.

A Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season to All of You!

„who is the octopus – the dreamer or the dream“?

Certainly many of you had some exciting days during the Football World Cup in South Africa. We’ve had a good time here in Berlin at the headquarter (at least until the semi finals) with nearly all colleagues in our institution (Literaturwerkstatt Berlin) swept by football fever. In the end, the office was defeated in the in-house betting pool by the open mike department in a very close race.

The headline of this article is quoted from a nice poem found on lyrikline which seems to have been made for Paul, the octopus oracle that was so (tragically) right this year. Here is the octopus poem by Joanne Burns from Australia.

Thanks to everyone for following our poetic match series on Twitter and Facebook, that presented two poems from the competing countries every day (except for a short holiday break). For the archives, here is the complete list of the poetic encounters:

June 11
South Africa vs Mexico
Ike Mboneni Muila / José Emilio Pacheco

Uruguay vs France
Eduardo Milán / Georges-Emmanuel Clancier

June 12
South Korea vs Greece
HUH Su Kyung / Kostas Koutsourelis

June 13
Germany vs Australia
Jan Wagner / Antigone Kefala

June 14
The Netherlands
vs Denmark
Tsead Bruinja / Morten Søndergaard

June 15
Ivory Coast vs Portugal
Tanella Boni / Gonçalo M. Tavares

June 16
Spain vs Switzerland
Manuel Forcano / Donata Berra

June 17
Argentina vs South Korea
Juan Gelman / CHONG Hyonjong

June 18
Germany vs Serbia
Marcel Beyer / Matija Bećković

June 19
The Netherlands vs Japan
Serge van Duijnhoven / Kazuko Shiraishi

June 20
Brazil vs Ivory Coast
Ricardo Domeneck / Tanella Boni

June 21
Chile vs Switzerland
Raúl Zurita / Leo Tuor

June 22
France vs South Africa
Jacques-Frédéric Temple / Antjie Krog

July 2
The Netherlands vs Brazil
Erik Lindner / Arnaldo Antunes

July 3
Argentina vs Germany
Daniel Samoilovich / Ursula Krechel

July 6
Uruguay vs The Netherlands
Eduardo Milán / Jan-Willem Anker

July 7
Germany vs Spain
Nico Bleutge / Perejaume

July 10
Uruguay vs Germany
Eduardo Milán / Lutz Seiler

July 11
The Netherlands vs Spain
Arjen Duinker / Claudio Rodríguez

Finally, congratulations to Spain!

Geburtstagsgrüße von Jan Wagner

Posted in Autoren / poets, Jan Wagner by Heiko Strunk on 21. August 2009


Wann immer der Name einer mir bislang unbekannten Dichterin, eines noch nie gelesenen Dichters fällt, man mir dringend rät, seine oder ihre Gedichte aufzuspüren – mein erster Blick, spätestens der zweite, fällt auf das ständig erweiterte Verzeichnis der lyrikline, ob es sich nun um Texte aus dem englischen, mazedonischen oder indonesischen Sprachraum handelt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum zehnjährigen Junbiläum also – und danke für den Elan, für diese reichhaltige und vielsprachige Anthologie in Schrift und Ton, für die immer erfreuliche und oft genug überraschende Lektüre.


Jan Wagner, 11.6.2009

Jan Wagner auf