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Advent Calendar – 16

Posted in Autoren / poets, Ricardo Aleixo by lyrikline on 16. December 2012
Ricardo Aleixo, photo: Mariana Botelho

Ricardo Aleixo, photo: Mariana Botelho

Our latest poet is truly multi-talented. He works as a poet, essayist, editor, visual artist, sound designer, singer, composer and performer and co-founded and curates the Festival de Arte Negra, the major art and culture festival of the African Diaspora in Brazil.

The poet behind Advent Calendar door 16 is

Ricardo Aleixo

(with translations into German)

who was born in 1960 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His poetry shows a concern with formal research and multi-media experimentation and approaches the Concrete Poetry of Augusto de Campos.

Ricardo Aleixo also writes a blog at