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Advent Calendar – 11

Posted in Autoren / poets, Rolf Haufs by lyrikline on 11. December 2012
Rolf Haufs

Rolf Haufs, photo:

“Perhaps the ‘big unknown’ among our contemporary poets, but certainly one of the most meaningful.” says a German critic about our new poet. Today, we don’t travel far for our Advent Calendar but stay in Berlin, where not only is based, but also the poet behind calendar door number 11,

Rolf Haufs

Born in 1935 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Rolf Haufs works as a writer of poetry, short stories and radio plays since 1960. From 1972, he was the literary editor of ‘Sender Freies Berlin’ radio station. Haufs is a witty observer of contemporary life. While in his early works addressing his hometown Berlin plays an important role, his later poetry is marked by melancholy.

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