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The place where I write: Silvana Franzetti [Argentina]

Posted in Autoren / poets, Silvana Franzetti by lyrikline on 15. March 2013

The woman who got up
from the rubbles of her bombed
house searched
for the rest
of her life, in different
parts of the world, a desk
inside a study
inside a house.

photo: Silvana Franzetti

photo: Silvana Franzetti

With certain things, tools and materials, I compose poetry in a written and visual register; alone, at this desk. Out of the field of this photo: the materials, the tools and the things with which I compose poetry are in other registers and other supports.

                             Silvana Franzetti, Buenos Aires/Argeninia

S.F. would like to thank Tamara Migelson for helping her to find and cut out the right picture.
as well as Ricardo Domeneck, Florencia Fernández Frank and Ingrid Migelson for their support concerning the translations.

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