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Birthday wishes from Sirkka Knuuttila

Posted in Autoren / poets, Sirkka Knuuttila by Heiko Strunk on 23. November 2009

I send my warmest greetings to this most amazing, excellent, and well-edited international poetry website!

I want to thank for the incredible moments of joy and jouissance which it has bestowed on me and my best literary friends! Its multiplicity of languages and voices is capable of producing an indispensable feeling of emotional and ethical power residing in lyric poetry written all over the world!

Listening to the voices of writers whom we can never meet in life creates a strong sense of sharing and communality. It creates a spiritual chain over geographical, political, cultural, and temporal boundaries, which leads to energy and confidence in humanity. This is seen concretely in the writings of myself and my friend, Rauni Paalanen; especially when we introduce for the Finnish audience the poetry of Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan as well as the works of living poets such as Friederike Mayröcker.  (…)

I wish – and I know – that I am going to find new challenges and topics for my future writings on, knowing through it, for example, the works of Cuti, Gozo Yashimoso, and Brigitte Oleschinski, just to mention a few of the inspiring poets.


Best wishes,
Sirkka Knuuttila, Helsinki

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