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Birthday wishes from Tanja Kragujević

Posted in Autoren / poets, Tanja Kragujević by Heiko Strunk on 18. November 2009

I learned about lyrikline long before I had the privilege of joining it.
This particular site seemed to me then, and it still does, like a virtual home for various poets and their poems.
The presence of a single poem, its sound, rhythm and sense – as a voice, melody, and a written verse, in short – as an open formula  –  represents, in my mind, the very essence of its existence, abiding and restless, in the same time, self revealing and emerging from the labyrinths of today, or forever!
In the blink of an eye, a whole universe of poetry signals is rising, forming an exciting and solemn cosmic dome for words, allowing them to fulfil their mystic transition to transparency, and their voyage from individual solitude to the overwhelming experience of togetherness.

Tanja Kragujević, Zemun, Serbia

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