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Happy World Poetry Day!

lyrikline wishes you all a very happy World Poetry Day today! We hope you have a great day full of words, sounds, melodies and poetic ideas.
We join the celebrations of the 15th World Poetry Day, proclaimed by the UNESCO in 2000 by presenting nine wonderful new poets from around the world today – at least one from every continent.

We hope very much that you will enjoy these nine new poets. Each of them is a unique and remarkable voice of the poetry of their countries and languages with their own poetic power and their special tone.

Normand de Bellefeuille (Quebec, Canada)
Gloria Dünkler (Chile)
Ulla Hahn (Germany)
Iman Mersal (Egypt)
TJ Dema (Botswana)
Yadollah Royai (Iran)
The Maw Naing (Myanmar)
LÜ De’an (China)
Pam Brown (Australia)

We’d also like to encourage everyone to “listen to the poet” on one of the many stages where poetry will happen today.

Many thanks to all lyrikline readers and listeners!