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Posted in Els Moors, Open Call, our network partners, Users by lyrikline on 5. September 2013

Last week, in the run up to our website relaunch and the live event, Spacewe started an open call and asked for your short ‘Space Poems’. The call is closed now and we would like to thank everyone who took part!! We received 15 poems, sent to us in English and German via twitter, facebook and as blog comments and enjoyed reading the poems a lot. We hope you all do!


… and here are the Space Poems …




when we credulously

reached for the clouds

a clamour

from the mouth of

a careless fish

by Achim Wagner (via twitter)



words are vinds which blow roofs

Daiga Mežaka (via blog comment)



There’s no sound in a space poem, only the charged particles of solar wind.

by Dave Bonta (via twitter)



Folda Saumtar


Weil polygam in der



Dode jedan ratom


by Friedrich Stockmeier (via facebook)



At one gee

an event horizon forms

one light year

behind my ship:

no news from home

as long as my engine holds out.

(from Microcosms, 5/2011)

by Geoffrey A. Landis (via blog comment)

This poem was read at the lyrikline relaunch event, selected by Catalan lyrikline partner Julià Florit.




im Tosen beginnen die Automaten zu sprechen,

die Menschen zittern und lauschen.

Gebete denkt sich einer.


Alle atmen.


by Julia Dathe (via facebook)



Killer lyrics


don’t let me guess what you want

give me or go play somewhere else

in the digital void it’s too dark to see

underground in me is a deep mine

laid by the Furies.

They got tired of people robbing

my precious ores.

If I keep on following

this vein of thought

(too late to replace the years

too bored for revenge)

I’ll end up like those aging rock ’n folk heroes

writing songs of disillusion

spiked with passive aggression

You know, the brittle lyrics that skate

coolly along the surface

endorsing the chosen path of the past

(Don’t look back.) Then crack

to reveal the anger in the last line

with a parting shot. Bang! Bang! —

I wrote you off. All of you.

© Karen Margolis

Berlin, August 2013 (via blog comment)



Blend in


What would I wear into space?

My black dress with the tiny silver beads.

Not the one with swirls of blue and green

soft lonely longing.


by Kirsty Elliot (via blog comment)



Au“- schrie es in meinem Kopf. Eine reflexive Reaktion auf das zwickende Zwerchfell? Ein Zwitschern des Augenliedes und katarrhhh klingt es rumorvoll langsam aus.

Er hatte einen traumhaften Schaum. Auf der Etikette stand „selbstaussäend“, doch das las er nicht, sondern setzte sich und dekorierte den Rest mit Passionsflüchten.

2 poems by Lydia (via blog comment)



wir bewegen uns durch welten


nehmen uns her

aus plätzen

geträumtes dunkel

und bringen uns ein

räumen die welt aus den räumen


by Matthias Dietrich (via blog comment)



All-That-Is a boundless dot, through time and space itself forgot: Dichtung means densification of all-that-matters as vibration.

by Raffael Kéménczy (via twitter)



Message in a bottle of dreams

you should call it free

or else uncoil it

through thin air and in the misfit casts

of rident expansion.”


“Botschaft in einer Flasche aus Träumen

frei nennen / oder abspulen

durch dünne Luft und in den Fehlschmelzen

lächelnder Expansion.”

by Schirin Nowrousian (via facebook)

This poem was read at the lyrikline relaunch event, selected by Belgian poet Els Moors.





A ship at sail…

-does it ever think

the waters may abscond?

Or that the mast

is a woodworm’s nest?–

The bow divides the waves

trusting its strength

and is a god in motion.

by Therese Pace (via blog comment)



Wohin geht der Zugangscode wenn man ihn gedrückt hat?

by UKON (via twitter)

This poem was read at the lyrikline relaunch event, selected by Swedish publisher Thomas Andersson.