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poesiefestival berlin 2014 – fractures

The world is turning – and it’s wobbling. Societies are undergoing radical change, political and economic systems are being questioned, and whole peoples are rebelling. Poetry and poets are playing an important part at many of these fracture points. From 5 – 13 June 2014, the 15th poesiefestival berlin will be presenting the many interactions between poetry and social fracturing. It will focus attention on the political changes in Turkey and the Ukraine, and the poetic forms of civil disobedience, as well as on the First World War, which fundamentally changed not only the map of Europe but also poetry; poets of today will be reflecting on those events.
In readings, colloquia, performances, discussions and concerts featuring artists from all over the world, the 15th poesiefestival berlin will be finding approaches to the various aspects of political, social and biographical upheaval, which is also always aesthetic in character.
The artists appearing include Yuri Andrukhovych (Ukraine), Onur Behramoğlu (Turkey), Paulus Böhmer (Germany), Gökçenur Ç. (Turkey),  Tishani Doshi (India), Ko Un (South Korea), Les Murray (Australia), Alice Notley (USA), the schwarzenbach (Germany), Ryan Van Winkle (Scotland), Serhij Zhadan (Ukraine), Phillippa Yaa de Villiers (South Africa)

The 15th poesiefestival berlin takes place from 5 – 13 June 2014 in the Academy of Arts in Hanseatenweg. For more information please visit

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poesiefestival berlin 2014 – Brüche

Die Welt dreht sich – und sie schwankt. Gesellschaften befinden sich im Umbruch, politische und wirtschaftliche Systeme werden in Frage gestellt, Völker begehren auf. An vielen dieser Bruchstellen spielen Dichtung und Dichter eine wichtige Rolle. Vom 5. – 13. Juni 2014 zeigt das 15. poesiefestival berlin die zahlreichen Wechselwirkungen zwischen Poesie und gesellschaftlichen Brüchen. Es thematisiert die politischen Umwälzungen in der Türkei und der Ukraine, die poetischen Formen von zivilem Ungehorsam ebenso wie den Ersten Weltkrieg, der sowohl die politische Landkarte Europas als auch die der Poesie grundlegend veränderte und über den heute von Dichtern reflektiert wird.
In Lesungen, Colloquien, Performances, Diskussionen und Konzerten mit Künstlern aus aller Welt nähert sich das 15. poesiefestival berlin den verschiedenen Aspekten politischer, gesellschaftlicher und biografischer Umbrüche an, die immer auch ästhetischer Natur sind.
Mit dabei sind u.a. Juri Andruchowytsch (Ukraine), Onur Behramoğlu (Türkei), Paulus Böhmer (Deutschland), Gökçenur Ç. (Türkei), Tishani Doshi (Indien), Ko Un (Südkorea), Les Murray (Australien), Alice Notley (USA), the schwarzenbach (Deutschland), Ryan Van Winkle (Schottland), Serhij Zhadan (Ukraine), Phillippa Yaa de Villiers (Südafrika).

Das 15. poesiefestival berlin findet statt vom 5. – 13. Juni 2014 in der Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg. Weitere Informationen unter


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Days Poetry WinePtuj, Slovenia, August 21st to 25th 2013
In seventeen years, Days of Poetry and Wine festival brought to Slovenia over 400 poets from all over the world.

In 2010 it found its domicile in Ptuj, where it continues the tradition of great evening readings, concerts and meetings with poets, translators, musicians, actors, storytellers, performers, wine producers and other lovers of poetry, wine and warm summer evenings under the stars.

These year’s guests include Yang Lian (China), Michel Deguy (France), Josip Osti (Slovenia), Zvonko Maković (Croatia), Jenny Tunedal (Sweden), Joachim Sartorius (Germany) and Nico Bleutge (Germany) as well as more than 20 outstanding poetic voices from all over the world.

We invite you to take a closer look at the programme and the growing archive of world poetry in translation:

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Coming up next: Poesiefestival Berlin 2013

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The annual Poetry Festival in Berlin is getting close. It will take place from June 7 to 15, 2013.

And for all who can not wait to discover new voices we will present until then as a kind of run-up every day new poets on lyrikline.

Find out more about the Poesiefestival Berlin 2013 here:
Vom 7.-15. Juni 2013 findet in Berlin wieder einmal das Poesiefestival Berlin statt.

Und für all jene, die es kaum noch erwarten können, ab dann und eben dort viele neue Dichter zu entdecken, werden wir bis zum Beginn des Festivals – quasi als Vorbereitung –  jeden Tag mit neuen Dichtern aufwarten.

Schön das, oder?

Crowdfunding for a poetry & photo exhibition

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Dear friends,

the Berlin poetry festival has started a crowdfunding campaign for a photo project that includes 47 poets from 47 European countries with a number of ‘lyrikline poets’ among them, like Laurynas Katkus, Sabine Scho, Nikola Madzirov, Svetlana Cârstean, Tsead Bruinja and many more. Here you see the contribution by Georgian poet Paata Shamugia:

Paata Shamugia’s slogan: “Poetry makes stoned”
Douze points pour la Géorgie!


With these great photos from all over Europe the poets give their own answers to the provocative question “What’s the point of poetry?”. If you too think that this initiative deserves support then visit to donate and spread the word. This project is designed to become a travelling exhibition so it might soon be touring in your country too.

World Poetry Movement

Auf dem 21. Poesiefestival von Medellín gründeten Vertreter von 36 Poesiefestivals aus 4 Kontinenten das World Poetry Movement (WPM). Ziel ist es, die Kooperation zwischen den Festivals zu verstärken. Die Literaturwerkstatt Berlin ist Gründungsmitglied.

The founders of World Poetry Movement

The founders of World Poetry Movement

Video of the declaration:

Official Statement of the World Poetry Movement

At the 21º Medellin Poetry Festival, directors of 37 Poetry Festivals worldwide have conducted a 5-day meeting on the status of poetry and poetry festivals across the world, analyzing and discussing human concerns and issues regarding difficulties and achievements as part of local organizations promoting poetry in each of our cities and countries.

The first sessions discussed the relationship between poetry and peace and reconstruction of the human spirit, nature reconciliation and recovery, unity and cultural diversity of the peoples, material misery and poetic justice, and actions to take towards the globalization of poetry.

Participants decided to establish the World Poetry Movement, whose main purpose would be to increase cooperation between poetry festivals, thus strengthening our collective voice.

The World Poetry Movement recognizes that:

  •     Poetryprovides meaningful insights into the human condition.
  •     Contrary to the idea that languages divide the world, it is precisely the diversity of languages that enriches poetry festivals.
  •     The World Poetry Movement will strengthen each festival in their local and global approach to their challenges and concerns.
  •     The exceptional connection with the public evidenced in the Medellin Poetry Festivalhighlights the value ofpoetry reachingpeople.

Main objectives of the World Poetry Movement are:

  •     That all poets, poetry initiatives and organizations are invited to join the World Poetry Movement.
  •     To promote the growth of poetry festivals across the world in all their diversity.
  •     To enhance communication between poetry festivals and poetry organizations.
  •     To promote the development of poetry schools and poetry initiatives.
  •     To explore audience development initiatives to broaden publics and access to poetry.
  •     To address issues such as publishing, translation and the general concerns of poets worldwide.

This movement begins a significant process that goes beyond individual concerns and creates exciting possibilities for poets and poetry events worldwide – we stand with humility and care for the birth of this new project.

Founding festivals are:

Tomás Arias, representative of Barcelona Poesía (Spain)
Kwame Dawes, representative of Calabash International Literary Festival
Sixto Cabrera, representative of Encuentro Latinoamericano de Poesía en Veracruz (Mexico)
José María Memet, director del Encuentro Internacional de Poetas ChilePoesía
Otoniel Guevara, poet and director del Encuentro Internacional de Poetas El Turno del Ofendido (El Salvador)
Fernando Rendón, Gabriel Jaime Franco, Jairo Guzmán and y Gloria Chvatal, representatives of Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín (Colombia)
Alex Pausides, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía de La Habana (Cuba)
Fernando Valverde, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada (Spain)
Gaston Bellemare, director of Festival International de la Poèsie de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
Amir Or, poet and director of the International Poetry Festival Sha’ar (Israel)
Iryna Vikyrchak, poet and executive director of The International Poetry Festival
Meridian Czernowitz (Ukraine)
Lello Voce, poet and representative of International Poetry Festival RomaPoesía and Absolute Poetry (Italy)
Rira Abbasi, director of  International Festival of Peace Poetry (Irán)
Graciela Araoz, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
José Mármol, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía de República Dominicana
Giovanni Gómez, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía Luna de Locos (Pereira, Colombia)
Aaron Rueda, representative of the Festival Iberoamericano de Poesía “Salvador Díaz Mirón” (Mexico)
Rodolfo Dada, poet and representative of Festival Internacional de Poesía de Costa Rica
Rigoberto Paredes, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía de Honduras
Lucy Cristina Chau, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía Ars Amandi (Panama)
Marvin García, poet and director del Festival Internacional de Poesía de Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)
Vilma Reyes and Vicente Rodríguez Nietzche, poet, and representative del Festival Internacional de Poesía de Puerto Rico
Rafael del Castillo and Fernando Linero, poets and representatives of Festival Internacional de Poesía de Bogotá (Colombia)
Gabriel Impaglioni, poet and director of Festival Internacional de Poesía Palabra en el Mundo (Argentina/Italy)
Ataol Behramoglu, poet and organizer of International Poetry Festival of Smirna (Turkey)
Rati Saxena, poet and director of Krytia International Poetry Festival (India)
Thomas Wohlfahrt, director of Literaturwerkstatt Berlin (Germany)
Endre Ruset, poet and director of Norsk Litteraturfestival (Norway)
Regina Dyck, director of Poetry on the Road (Bremen, Germany)
Peter Rorvik, director of Poetry Africa (South Africa)
Bas Kwakman, director of Poetry International Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Céline Hémon, director of International Communications of Les Printemps des Poètes (France)
Zabier Hernández, director of the Recital Internacional de Poesía desde el Sur, (Pasto, Colombia)
Jack Hirschmann, poet and director of San Francisco International Poetry Festival (United States)
Nikola Madzirov, poet and representative of Struga Poetry Evenings (Macedonia)
Ban’ya Natsuishi, director of Tokyo Poetry Festival (Japan)
Ide Hintze, director of the Vienna Poetry School partner meeting @ poesiefestival berlin 2011

The 12th poesiefestival berlin from 17 to 24 June 2011 will be exploring landscapes of words, sounds and music. On June 19, the international partners of the lyrikline network will come together to exchange experiences and to focus on the next steps of development.
We expect partners from Belgium, Belarus, Catalonia, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Makedonia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Québec/Canada, Russia, Sweden, Serbia and  Slovenia.

For the fourth time, the festival will take place in cooperation with the Academy of the Arts, and will be held right by the Brandenburg Gate this year.  It will be featuring such stars of the international poetry scene as Marcel Beyer (Germany), Yves Bonnefoy (France) and Billy Collins (USA), the Cuban songwriter Silvio Rodríguez, actor, singer and violinist Iva Bittová (Czech Republic), and writer and singer-songwriter Peter Licht (Germany) – and many more.

An entire day will be devoted to the poets of the revolutions from Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Lebanon. The translation workshop ‘VERSschmuggel’ will feature poets from France and Germany. e.poesie will be exploring the relationships between contemporary poetry and electronic music.

Find the full programme of poesiefestival berlin 2011 here:

– – –

Das 12. poesiefestival berlin durchforscht vom 17. – 24.6.2011 Landschaften aus Wort, Ton und Musik. In diesem Rahmen kommen am 19.6. wieder einmal die Partner des internationalen Netzwerkes von zusammen, um weitere Schritte und Projekte zu planen und Erfahrungen auszutauschen. Mit dabei sind Partner aus Belgien, Belarus, China, Dänemark, Estland, Katalonien, Kroatien, Makedonien, Niederlande, Portugal, Québec/Kanada, Russland, Schweden, Serbien, Slowenien u.a.

Das poesiefestival berlin findet zum vierten Mal in Kooperation mit der Akademie der Künste statt, dieses Jahr direkt am Brandenburger Tor. Mit dabei sind internationale Stars der Poesie wie Marcel Beyer (Deutschland), Yves Bonnefoy (Frankreich) und Billy Collins (USA), der kubanische Liedermacher Silvio Rodríguez, die Sängerin und Violinistin Iva Bittová (Tschechien), sowie der Autor und Singer-Songwriter Peter Licht (Deutschland) u.v.a.

Ein ganzer Tag widmet sich den dichtenden Tongebern der Revolutionen aus Bahrain, Ägypten, Tunesien, Libyen und Libanon. Der diesjährige Übersetzungsworkshop „VERSschmuggel“ gilt Dichtern aus Frankreich und Deutschland. Zeitgenössische Poesie und elektronische Musik bringt e.poesie in Relation.

Das Programm des poesiefestival berlin 2011: poets @ poesiefestival berlin 2011: Konstantin Ames, Marcel Beyer, Nico Bleutge, Nora Bossong, Tsead Bruinja, Arno Calleja, Ulrike Draesner, Ricardo Domeneck, Eduard Escoffet, Daniel Falb, Eugen Gomringer, Dieter M. Gräf, Hendrik Jackson, Jazra Khaleed, KIM HyeSoon, Ursula Krechel, Björn Kuhligk, Zvonko Makovic, Thomas Möhlmann, Nikola Madzirov, Maryia Martysevich, Gregor Podlogar, Marion Poschmann, Ulrike Almut Sandig, Kathrin Schmidt, Sabine Scho, Tom Schulz, Sjón, Ulf Stolterfoht, Ron Winkler, Uljana Wolf, Judith Zander

ars poetica 2010

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The anual festival of our Slovakian partner ars poetica will take place from 6 – 10 October 2010 in Bratislava.
5 days of poetry, film and Concerts and an intersting programme with many European poets.

You will find the whole programme here:

poesiefestival berlin 2010

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The 11th poesiefestival berlin will be putting the poetic wealth of the Mediterranean on display from the 4th to the 12th of June 2010.

The Mediterranean has inscribed itself deeply into the myths, history and arts of countless cultures, linking as it does three continents. It is the site of fruitful cultural exchange, but has also spawned bloody conflicts.

From 4 – 12 June 2010, the poesiefestival berlin will be presenting for the first time in Germany poets from almost all the countries bordering the Mediterranean, revealing the region’s special cultural wealth. It will be weighing anchor in the ports of Istanbul and Marseilles, travelling the coasts of North Africa and Arabia, stopping off in Andalusia, Israel and Greece and bringing the poetry of the islands to our ears – with verse, music and dance., e.g. with Mohammed Bennis (Morocco), Abbas Beydoun (Lebanon), Yannis Stiggas (Greece), Küçük Iskender (Turkey), Hedva Harechavi (Israel), Nanni Balestrini (Italy) , Neşe Yaşin (Cyprus). The 2010 edition of the translation workshop VERSschmuggel will bring together poets from Italy and the German-speaking countries.

Once again, stars of the international poetry scene will gracing the stage at the opening event, Weltklang – Nacht der Poesie, the sounds of the world in an evening of poetry. This year with: Michael Ondaatje (Canada), Michael Krüger (Germany), Anat Pick (Israel), Nina Kibuanda (Kongo), Cole Swensen (USA), Elke Erb (Germany), Dmitry Golynko (Russia) und Raúl Zurita (Chile).

The poesiefestival berlin, with well over 10,000 visitors each year, is one of Europe’s largest poetry festivals and enjoys a reputation worldwide. In the past it has featured such poets as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Herta Müller, Paul Muldoon, Laurie Anderson, Volker Braun, Derek Walcott, Rita Dove and Friederike Mayröcker.


Das 11.  poesiefestival berlin zeigt vom 4. – 12.6.2010 den poetischen Reichtum des Mittelmeerraums.

Das Mittelmeer verbindet drei Kontinente miteinander und hat sich tief in Mythen, Geschichten und Künste unzähliger Kulturen eingeschrieben. Es ist Ort fruchtbaren kulturellen Austauschs, aber auch Ausgangspunkt blutiger Konflikte.

Vom 4.-12.6.2010 präsentiert das poesiefestival berlin erstmals in Deutschland Dichter aus fast allen Anrainerstaaten des Mittelmeers und die gesamte Region als besonderen kulturellen Raum. Es legt an in den Häfen von Istanbul und Marseille, bereist die Küsten Nordafriks und Arabiens, macht Halt in Andalusien, Israel und Griechenland und bringt Poetisches der Inseln zu Gehör: in Vers, Musik und Tanz, u.a. mit Mohammed Bennis (Marokko), Abbas Beydoun (Libanon), Yannis Stiggas (Griechenland), Küçük Iskender (Türkei), Hedva Harechavi (Israel), Nanni Balestrini (Italien) , Neşe Yaşin (Zypern).
Den Übersetzungsworkshop VERSschmuggel des Jahres 2010 bestreiten Dichterinnen und Dichter aus Italien und der deutschsprachigen Länder.

Zur Eröffnungsveranstaltung „Weltklang – Nacht der Poesie“ sind wieder die Stars der internationalen Lyrik zu Gast. In diesem Jahr mit Michael Ondaatje (Kanada), Michael Krüger (Deutschland), Anat Pick (Israel), Nina Kibuanda (Kongo), Cole Swensen (USA), Elke Erb (Deutschland), Dmitry Golynko (Russland) und Raúl Zurita (Chile).

Das poesiefestival berlin gilt mit seinen jährlich weit über 10.000 Besuchern als das größte Europas und genießt weltweit hohes Renommee. Bisher waren u.a. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Herta Müller, Paul Muldoon, Laurie Anderson, Volker Braun, Derek Walcott, Rita Dove und Friederike Mayröcker zu erleben.

poesiefestival berlin
4. – 12. Juni 2010
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

Für Rückfragen und Informationen:
Boris Nitzsche/Jutta Büchter
Literaturwerkstatt Berlin
Tel: 030. 48 52 45 25